Our History

A truly unique blend of the right experiences which uniquely positions us for AI. (overview graphic and details)

Team started at Floating Point Systems (attached HPC accelerator of mid 80’s) and stuck together through 4 acquisitions

  • HPC apps, Math Library optimization Microcode VLIW SW pipelining, (Eigen, Sparse solvers, multi-radix FFTs, Intrinsics which led to Auto Diff innovations for Non-Linear solvers, MPP HW/SW codesign (Hypercube, Torus), compute intensity optimization for attached GPU

Team codesigned 1st high-end general servers, then learned Commercial Apps/DB with Cray/SGI acquisition (1991)

  • Patent with 84-way i860 SMP (FPS Matrix Co-Processor), then SPARC vector server which led to 1st effective 64-way SPARC SMP server. Became Oracle DB expert, then created 1st scalable multi-TB DB & Data Warehousing + OLTP optimizations established Cray as fastest commercial database & app servers

Team merged App/DB/HPC tuning with Sun acquisition (1996)

  • Sun thought big servers were boutique, but made greater than $50B for Sun on high-end servers. Over 540 world records and innovations throughout the stack for high-end near-linear parallelism and scalability on APPs (ERP, SCM, HR, CRM) and DBs, including 1st Columnar DBs, and HPC

Team accelerated Apps & Analytics and Codesigned SW-in-Silicon with Oracle acquisition (2010)

  • Focused on Commercial Apps, DB IM columnar, ETL/DSL/Java Streams, Oracle Advanced Analytics with Featurization of complex DB data, ML Analytics, Spark, Graph , NoSQL, Java/JVM, HW accelerators HW/SW Co-design, Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) All along engineering better performance across the stack, prelim Tensorflow

This journey gave us a truly rare blend of experiences that are critical for the next steps in AI performance.