AI Performance Engineering copyright 2017 photo by brad carlile

AI Performance Engineering

Brad, Guy, Paul, Akiko, Brian

On its way to you, the members of our team have been on a unique journey. Our first jobs were with a company that focused on the highest possible HPC performance, and while there we built systems with a variety of distributed architectures that are relevant today. Since then we have been acquired four times, and each time we have explored new architectures, layers of stack, new application areas, and industry segments. It hasn’t been easy to re-invent ourselves so many times, but the knowledge we have accumulated has been enormous. This experience will be to the benefit of whichever company acquires us. (unique experiences)

Crucial to our team’s success and longevity is our culture of collaboration, which has consistently produced super-star performance engineers. We work well together across organizational boundaries and time zones. We have mastered the art of joining new teams, as well as absorbing new team members. We collaborate with deep technologists and coders. We engage with customers and internal executives. We write and present our findings to a variety of audiences. Above all, we make every code go faster.

Let me tell you what we’ve been doing. We are some of the best performance engineers in the field. While at Oracle, Sun, and Cray the performance engineering team that Brad led set over 540 world records across a wide range of standard benchmarks and worked with hundreds of real-world customer apps. We optimized them across the entire stack from disk to apps, on many different systems, and with a deep understanding of the business needs, the use case, the algorithms, and the math. These accomplishments covered the gamut and are highlighted in the section “Team experience and strengths.”

What can we do for you? ...make AI go faster!

A Recommendation for AI Perf

by Shahin Khan

There are very few people I would recommend as strongly as I recommend Brad and his world-class team.

With a deep understanding of application development, CPU, GPU, Memory, Storage, Networking, and system architecture (Dataflow, MPP, SMP, Vector, Clusters...), Brad, and his team, can make any app go fast on any system, characterize IT deployments, work with customers and new product introduction, and much else.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL), Machine Learning (NL), HPC, Analytics, Big Data, Complex Queries, OLTP, eCommerce, Web, ... In-Memory, Graph, Streaming/..., numerical, transactional, visual.. multi-tier, scale-out, Cloud, ... Java/C/Fortran/... Data Center design, power, cooling, management/... Competitive system analysis, hands-on tuning, ... you name it, he has done it personally on real machines and with real world apps.

Add to that his ability to deliver the best possible outcome on time, give you solid advice, manage and grow a high performing team or participate in a team, work across the organization to make it happen, ability to present to customers at executive and technical levels, to large audiences, and internal colleagues and executives, ... and you have someone who is right up there in the peerless category.